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Wireless Internet Service Provider For High Speed Rural Broadband Contact 01307 820 751
Locally Operated Fibre and Wireless Connectivity Solutions Provider

Our Equipment is state of the art, it operates in all weather conditions and is supported by local people within Angus, it will provide a long term future proof network allowing higher throughput as and when it may be required and as technology advances therefore securing your investment long term.

Our Packages are as follows: NEW FROM OCTOBER 2021 (new and existing customers benefit)
Basic 12           12Mb/s Download 12Mb/s Upload, Unlimited, Uncontended £20 (£24 inc. VAT)/Month

OffPeak 12      12 – 30Mb/s Download 12Mb/s Upload Guaranteed Minimum Speed, Unlimited Data £30 (£36 inc. VAT)/Month                                                              

(The above packages are recommended for users with a low household population)

Inter 20           20Mb/s Download 20Mb/s Upload, Unlimited, Uncontended            £30 (£36 inc. VAT)/Month

OffPeak 20      20 – 40Mb/s Download 20Mb/s Upload Guaranteed Minimum      Speed, Unlimited Data £40 (£48 inc. VAT)/Month 

(The above packages are recommended for simultaneous multi device family use)

Pro 40                 40Mb/s Download 40Mb/s Upload, Unlimited, Uncontended    £50 (£60 inc. VAT)/Month

Pro 60                 60Mb/s Download 60Mb/s Upload, Unlimited, Uncontended        £70 (£84 inc. VAT)/Month

(The above packages are intended for a serious home user, Gamer or business requiring very low latency for multiple busy machines in large office etc.)

We can meet any speed based on the customer requirements.

Custom             Up to Gigabit (1000Mb/s) synchronous internet connections are now possible £POA

Static IP            £5 Per Month (Dedicated External IP Address)

VOIP                  Hosted Telephone Service available, keep your existing number, be ready for the digital switchover from copper and ADSL to VoIP From £5 Per Month

Our Packages are all unlimited data usage, however we reserve the right to investigate any usage that we may determine to be abusive or detrimental to the network.

Custom Packages upon Request, All Payments to be made Electronically unless previously agreed.
Equipment Installation Fee up to £400 Subject to site survey and distance from your local area repeater station (connection fee not refundable) 
Prices not in brackets VAT to be added, Prices in Brackets include VAT at 20%

Angus W.I.S.P is a Trading Name of DS Electrical Hillview, Gateside, Inverarity By Forfar DD81XN

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