Angus WISP is a family run independent Internet Service Provider specialising in Fixed Wireless Links. Established in 2016 as a diversified branch of our specialist electrical contracting company DS Electrical established in 2005 we offer a fully in house service where we handle all aspects of our projects with our own full time staff trained in house allowing us to operate continuously and efficiently.

This high performance and unique system has been made available to the community through investment in our infrastructure by us and a neighbouring Farmer.

We are working in partnership with many Angus Estates who have helped us greatly to roll out both Fibre and Wireless Technologies in even the most difficult to access areas.

We manufacture all of our masts, from welding, painting, concreting, software, setup, commissioning and upkeep of our sites, we do not rely on any third party to maintain our systems and keep a comprehensive emergency parts stock for when things do go wrong giving our customers second to none uptime.

We can also Boast 100% uptime over 12 months with our self powered masts used in extreme locations where no mains power is available.

With over 15 repeater stations now active across Angus and more under construction we are proudly helping homes and businesses get the connectivity they deserve at a very competitive price for the completely unique method of wireless service provision we offer.

We will continuously update our website to give coverage information and areas we are working in, however our priorities lie with connecting customers and building infrastructure so we recommend you contact us via email to express your interest and we will quickly inform you on service availability.

We would like to thank all of our existing customers for their support and confidence in a new technology and we are very grateful for the continuous word of mouth recommendations.



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